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Dear all,following question is based on my own personal experience and you can say that this question is often asked whenever you are facing some technical face to face. hope so its beneficial  for you

content referenced from  popular Testing sites

Why does software have bugs?

What’s the big deal about ‘requirements’?

What’s the role of documentation in QA?

What steps are needed to develop and run software tests?

What’s a ‘test plan’?

What’s a ‘test case’?

What should be done after a bug is found?

What if the software is so buggy it can’t really be tested at all?

What if there isn’t enough time for thorough testing?

What if the project isn’t big enough to justify extensive testing?

What can be done if requirements are changing continuously

What if the application has functionality that wasn’t in the requirements?

.How can Software QA processes be implemented without stifling productivity?

What if an organization is growing so fast that fixed QA processes are impossible?

How does a client/server environment affect testing?

How can World Wide Web sites be tested? (refer to my web testing post)

What is ‘Software Quality Assurance’?

What are some recent major computer  failures caused by software bugs?

Why is it often hard for management to get serious about quality assurance?

What is verification? validation?

What kinds of testing should be considered?

What are  common problems in the  software development process?

What is SEI? CMM? ISO? IEEE? ANSI? Will it help?

Will automated testing tools make testing easier?

hope so its beneficial  for you

content referenced from  popular Testing sites

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